Drone Technician Cum Operator

Drone Forensics : Drone Technician Cum Operator

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), also known as Drones.

Ease of availability & affordability have led to an increase in its popularity amongst the public. Drones available in almost any shape, size, or configuration, so made several security issues and drone misuse is now a controversial topic with many challenges for law enforcement organisations. UAVs have been misused to launch illegal or criminal activities that pose direct threats to individuals, organizations, public safety and national security. Despite its increased importance, “Drone Forensics” remains a relatively uninvestigated research topic.

Drone Forensics : Drones provide a better option. “The way that drone photography has evolved, it’s become more accurate in Crime Scene Photography. UAVs can capture the birds-eye view of Crime Scene, Wildlife Areas, Residential or Commercial Fires / Explosions, Searching for Evidences more quickly and efficiently than manned aerial flyovers. High Resolution Photos and 4K Videos make it possible to observe crime patterns visible only from above, as well as capture footage of areas impossible to reach from the ground. UAVs are better for close range inspections in very easy and effective manner.

Use of Drones in – Wildlife, Forestry and Nature Conversations : Inspection of deforestation, Monitoring wildfires, poachers, emergency mapping, night vision search, seed bombing for planting trees or aerial reforestation,

Use of Drones in – Emergency Response Plans : It may be environmental or nation emergencies, where response time is an important aspect. e.g. Disaster management, It saves money, time, and most importantly lives.

Use of Drones in – Agriculture and Farming : Field analysis, Spraying, Surveying fences, Soil Analysis, and monitoring plant pathogens etc.

Other Usage : Surveying and Mapping including Railway Track Inspection, Construction, Telecom Industries, Mining and many more

Curriculum : Introduction to Drones, Drone Rules and Regulations, Registering Drone UIN and Licensing of UAV Pilots from DGCA, Drone Principles and Performance, Understanding Communications, Remote Pilot Responsibilities, Privacy, Flight Planning, Operating Rules, DGCA – The Directorate General of Civil Aviation Govt. of India Guidelines, Operating Limitations including Weather, Restricted Zones, Safety considerations, Reporting an Accident, Maintenance and Inspection, Drone Examinations, Drone Investigations etc… Another point of study is – Drone Examinations : Examination of Drone Found on Crime Scene or any other suspicious space, identify and extract sources of data available from drones.

Course Name :

  1. Certificate Course in Drone Forensics 
  2. Certificate Course in Drone Technician Cum Operator

Online Course Fee – 6000 Rs. / 150 USD

Course Duration – 15 to 30 Days.

Certificate : Certificate will be provided after successful completion of the course.

For more information about this course please contact Phone : 97 97 100 100 or 93 83 100 100 . Email : contact@forensic.co.in