Frequently Asked Questions:


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  1. What is Forensic Science? : Forensic science is any science used for the purposes of the law, and therefore provides impartial scientific evidence for use in the courts of law, and in a criminal investigation and trial. / The application of scientific knowledge and methodology to legal problems and criminal investigations.

  2. What’s A Forensic Scientist? : A forensic scientist is first a scientist. When he applies his scientific knowledge to assist juries, attorneys, and judges in understanding science, he is a forensic scientist. Forensic scientists are thinkers, good with details, good with putting pieces of a puzzle together, and curious. Some scientists work in laboratories and some also go out to places where crimes are committed (crime scenes). Others teach in colleges and universities. (Ref. www.aafs.org)

  3. Is there any experience requirement to start a career in forensic science? – Some laboratories offer trainee positions that do not require prior training in the forensic science field. Trainee positions are not often available. It may be necessary to consider doing an internship in a crime laboratory to gain experience. Unfortunately, there is no official listing for these opportunities and you will need to contact the laboratory you are interested in. The internship may be easiest to do while you are a student. In fact, some universities give credit for and/or require an internship.

  4. How Much Money Will I Make?: Income in the forensic sciences varies greatly depending upon your degree, your actual job, where you work, and how many hours you work. You may never “get rich” but you will have a good income. You will be satisfied with your job, knowing you are contributing to justice — keeping the good guys on the street and helping put the bad guys in jail. Forensic scientists work different hours, depending upon what they do. Some work in forensic laboratories and work 40 hours a week, Monday through Friday. Others work out in the field on digs and may work different hours. Still others are “on call” and work after their regular shift and receive overtime or compensatory (comp) time. Essentially every branch or forensic science offers opportunity for personal growth, career advancement, and increasing financial compensation. (Ref. www.aafs.org)

  5. What is work / role of Forensic Scientist?: The work of the forensic scientist may reduce the number of cases entering the overloaded court system by assisting the decision-makers before a case reaches the court. The facts developed by forensic scientists, based on scientific investigation, not circumstantial evidence or the sometimes unreliable testimony of witnesses, may convince prosecuting or defense attorneys, a grand jury, or a judge that an issue does not merit a court hearing. The work of the forensic scientist at times proves the existence of a crime or makes connections to a crime. The forensic scientist provides information and expert opinion to investigators, attorneys, judges, and juries which is helpful in determining the innocence or guilt of the accused. The rule of law is based on the belief that the legal process results in justice. This has come under some question in recent years. Of course, the forensic scientist cannot change skepticism and mistrust single-handedly. He can, however, contribute to restoring faith in judicial processes by using science and technology in the search for truth in civil, criminal, and regulatory matters. The forensic scientist is entirely responsible for the work he performs; no one else can write his report nor testify to his opinion. However, it takes teamwork to solve a crime. Scientists work closely with police officers, sheriff’s deputies, prosecuting and defense attorneys, DEA, CIA, and FBI agents, immigration workers, and crime scene investigators, to name a few. (Ref. www.aafs.org)

  6. What is Online / Offline Education? – A course is one you take without meeting a teacher in a classroom. You can study at home or at work – wherever you like, whenever you like, within a prescribed time-frame (Also known as Distance Education). Course conducted over the Internet, Learn you want, from anywhere in the world. eStudy means fully Online Mode, Offline means Distance + Online Mode. We do not provide classroom based or regular classes based courses. All courses are fully online, self-paced & self-study mode, Our support teams and Instructions are available online to resolve your doubts if any.

  7. When I will receive my study materials, notes books etc?: You will receive it within 7-10 working days on your preferred address by courier or post, it may take more time incase of some unavoidable difficulties.  (For Offline Mode Students only)

  8. What about exams? : Online Examination will be conducted for every course, exuding short term courses. (Assignment for short term courses only)

  9. What if I can’t attend an exam date?: Just contact us for alternate date, we will provide you different question set. for more details please refer T&C and Exam. Schedule Page.

  10. How do I get my certificate when I’m done all of the required courses / exam.?: We will mail you it within 15-20 days on your preferred address by Courier or Post.

  11. What is the Scope and Career of Forensic Education and Courses?– Visit- https://www.ifsedu.in/course-benefits-features-scope-and-career/

  12. How do I get help if I need it? – Support for courses is provided through the Student Help Desk. You can email your questions / queries at education@forensic.co.in

  13. What will I get after joining course?– On admission every student will receive an Identity Card (Life Time S. Membership) and Study Material/Reference Books etc, I-Card will be provided to students enrolled for course having more than 6 month duration.

  14. What qualification documents require during admission?:- Leaving Certificate/Qualification Certificates of the previous school or Transference Certificate of the previous school/college will be required from each student wishing to join the course. (Photocopy / Attested Copy)

  15. Can I apply for fee concession?: For Fee Concession requirements Click here

  16. All our Courses, Study Material and Contents are for educational and informational purposes only. IFS INDIA and Team will not responsible for their misuse, User will be solely responsible for misuse of the Education, Information, Knowledge and Tools or any other content.

  17. What about Course Credits?: Our Courses will not transfer as college credit. Many colleges, Organizations, Companies and universities around the world do accept our courses certificates as fulfilling prerequisite program requirements. However, we do not keep track of what courses are accepted where and under what conditions.

  18. Should I have to attend classes?: Students do not need to attend any classes so we provides fully self study, offline and self paced courses, without any eClasses etc. Also note that- We do not provide any video lectures or live classes etc. We provide online study materials which is available 24×7.

  19. When my course will start? – You can start your course as soon as you pay your course fee, submit your documents and student portal account is activated. Admission schedule shown on website is tentative, automated and only for admission purposes.
  20. What is eStudy education? – e-Study, is a method of completing basic level courses over the Internet and attending trainings.

  21. How much does it cost to take an courses? –  Visit- https://ifsedu.in/fee-structure

  22. Where can I register for courses? – Visit- https://www.ifsedu.in//apply

  23. Where do I find out what courses are being offered ? : Visit- https://ifsedu.in/course-details

  24. What is the content of the courses?: Just click on course name to see course contents – https://www.ifsedu.in/course-details

  25. What is recognition of IFS? / Is IFS is University?– IFS is Govt. Regd., ISO 9001-2015 Certified and Autonomous Forensic Organization / Corporate, not a Institute, University or College. Our Certificates are acceptable for Jobs and Legal purposes as recognized from government agencies.

  26. Is IFS issues Certificate after successful course completion? : YES

  27. Can I use these course completion certificates for job applications or in my CV / Resume etc? – YES

  28. Is this learning right for me? – Only you can determine if this learning system is right for you. Convenience and flexibility are key reasons for enrolling in online courses. Factors such as your job, location and family commitments can make it difficult for you to take on-campus courses, but in this education you not only save travel time and costs but are able to schedule your study around your other responsibilities.

  29. What is the purpose of these courses?: Our courses are for your educational enrichment, enhancing knowledge and professional developments, These courses are best, if you are from subject related area and want certification for your expert area. If you are looking for regular or class room mode courses then these courses are not for you as we only provide virtual learning and self paced / self study mode courses, We provide online email support to our enrolled students for their questions & difficulties.

  30. What is the mode of education?: Our courses are both self-paced and instructor-led (Online Support Ticket System). Student can study on specific subject from their own home or office with our Study Materials / Kit.

  31. Where can I ask my queries / doubts etc?: You can ask or send all your queries & doubts by Online Support System or some time by e-mail, as the panel of faculty or Expert Team will be answering them readily. For any help please visit www.ifs.cc or www.forensic.co.in/support 

  32. Should I have to pay any extra fee for examination, study materials etc?: No, Your course fee includes all the cost including Study materials, Books, Notes, I-Card, Examination Fee etc, You do not need to pay any extra amount, but in some cases- Additional Taxes / fees / Service charges may apply. International / Outside India students who wants printed notes, books and ref. material by courier / post , then 200 USD will be charged extra.(Optional).
    Special Note – For dispatching of study material as well as mark sheet and certificate, Indian postal service will be used. If private courier services will be required to be used (for Study material/ Mark sheet and Certificate) then international / outside India students must have to pay courier charges separately. (Students can send prepaid envelope or can pay through online shipping labels and send the bar-code/labels to us).

  33. What can I do if I have received a damaged item, book, CD / DVD or package? : If you receive an package and the content is damaged, you can return the item to us within 30 days and we’ll replace them free of charge. Regarding CD / DVD we send it after proper testing, but still it is not working send it within 30 days, our concerned dept. staff will replace for you. To avoid such issues we are providing all contents in Zip file by email, so you can download it safely without any issues. (Physical CD / DVD is discountinued now. CD content will be provided online or by email)

  34. If I fail this exam then ? : If you fail in appeared exam / to appear, then We will provide you an extra attempt with 1200 Rs. / 50 USD. (with reappeared status)(Refer T & C for updates).

  35. Can i postpone or extend my exam. date?: Due to some unavoidable critical medical reasons, If any student want to extend their exam. date, then they have to submit any critical reason in request letter in writing along with proof like- Medical Certificate from recognized Authority / RMP etc. then you can extend your exam. date but only once. (Refer T & C)

  36. What if internet connectivity problem occurs during online exam. ? : Always backup your answers in Notepad, Ms. Word, Word Pad etc before typing in actual answer boxes. You can use navigation keys in secure conditions, this option may not useful for browsers like Internet Explorer. Always use updated secure browsers like- Google Chrome, Opera etc… excluding Internet Explorer.

  37. Can I schedule my exam. date? : Yes, We will provide you two options, you have to confirm us it before 15 working days of actual exam. day (First exam option), if we do not receive any response, we will consider first exam. date as your final exam. date, and it can not be changed or postponed in any condition. No any advanced reminder will be sent for auto scheduled exams. Do not confirm any exam date, if there is 14 working days or less than 14 working days are remains/left from their first exam options.

  38. I don’t live in India, can I still enroll for the IFS’s courses & certifications?: Yes, This is major advantage of IFS Online, offline & virtual / self paced Learning: you can study from anywhere in the world, so you can learn from your own home or office.

  39. What do I do if I can’t find a job / internship in forensic science? : Jobs in forensic science can at times be somewhat difficult to obtain. If you have just graduated from college and cannot immediately find a job in forensic science, finding a laboratory job in one of the natural science fields (chemistry, biology, biochemistry, etc.) will give you valuable laboratory technique and instrumentation experience. A strong scientific job background will help make you a strong candidate when applying for forensic science jobs. Being flexible and willing to move may also help you find a job in forensic science. If you limit yourself to a certain city or state, you may wait a long time for job openings. You will have many more opportunities to find a job if you are willing to move to the job instead of waiting for a job to open in your area. Internships in forensic science are also hard to obtain. Many crime labs do not offer internships, or only offer them when they have a specific project to be completed. Call the crime lab you are interested in to see if they have internship opportunities. An applicant with a scientific job background will be better qualified when applying for an internship. If no crime lab internships are available in your area, keep doing other laboratory work, scientific experience will prepare you for your career.

  40. How I can pay my course fee by credit card in USD? – Indian Students may use Universal Currency Converter from http://www.xe.com/ucc/ to pay fee in other currencies, or International students visit this link- https://www.ifsedu.in/fee-structure/ to see fee structure. You can pay your course fee from here- https://www.forensic.co.in/payment.methods  (Students enrolled for courses having course duration more than 6 Month can pay their Course Fee in max. two installments, but Rs. 750 / USD 20 will be charged extra. )

  41. When I will receive my online exam. login details? : When you confirms Exam Date, Our Team will send you Online Examination Login details before 24 Hour (Before 1 Day) of your examination day/date, if you do not receive any exam. login details within 24 hour of your exam timing, then please email us at exam@forensic.co.in (Inform by E-Mail Only)

  42. Is this University / College Programme? : These are not college or university courses, these are short term certifications that are designed for those who want to improve their knowledge, awareness and additional qualification purposes. IFS is not college or university as mentioned in T&C.
  43. Is there any specific or fixed course duration to complete my course / certification ? : Yes, All courses having specific course duration. Student must complete their course / certification within specified time period only. Once course period ended / subscription expired- No any certification benefits will be activated after your course subscription expires. We do not offer refunds or credits for unused certification subscription periods or course benefits.
  44. If i’m paying my course fee in two installment when i have to pay it: Student have to submit atleast 50% fee during registration / admission. Remaining fee + installment charges must be paid within next 90 days after first payment. (No matter if you confirms exam date late, delay in receiving study materials, delay in sending documents, error in application, incomplete application form or any other reason etc) Our accounting software of admission system will start counting late fee after 90 days of first payment, it means if you do not pay your course fee within 90 days after first date of your course fee payment, then on 91st day you will be charged 50 Rs. / 1 USD (For every additional day or per day up to date of final payment). Please note that: Student will not receive any advanced notice or reminder for his/her remaining course fee payment, student have to remind it and they should not ignore last date of fee payment. Extra fee of 750 Rs. / 20 USD will be charged per installment. As this is final and system based calculations, no any complaint or concession will be provided, if any student fails to pay it or forget about payment schedule. After specific time student admission will be suspended and deleted after fixed period as mentioned in terms and conditions.

  45. Why are internships or trainings important? – Internships provide students with the opportunity to experience the “real world” of forensic science and the crime laboratory. They also provide recent graduates with the relevant experience that crime laboratory directors seek from applicants. Getting an internship in any laboratory and learning about the theory behind the techniques that are employed can be helpful. This will provide experience in general laboratory procedures as well as safety processes that are employed in laboratories. Be prepared to perform basic functions such as washing glassware or clerical duties. Things to know about an internship: There are three important things to know about an internship: You may need to set up an internship well in advance of a semester if you wish to finish it the same semester you enroll for it. You need to have an internship agreement form signed by all parties (work supervisor, faculty) before beginning your internship hours. You need to familiarize yourself with the Internship Course Requirements.

  46. After Completion of IFS Certification and acquiring skills and knowledge though training, practice and experience can i start my forensic practice as a expert in court or can i submit expert opinions in court ? : Yes, As per Indian Evidence Act, S.45.
  47. After completion of IFS Course / Certification can i start medical or dental practice ? : No, We do not provide any medical, dental, or allied courses. We do not award any medical / dental qualification which cover medical practice, patient health, oral or dental health, diseases & its treatments or serious safety related concern issues etc. With this certificate, you can not start any medical or dental practice. Its purely forensic sciences courses which are based on forensic investigations, evidence examinations, expert opinions in court as per Indian Evidence Act. Section 45 and related exhibits etc.
  48. For more FAQ, Details or Terms and Conditions please visit this link- https://www.ifsedu.in/rules-terms-and-conditions/.




    Printed Material (Books / Notes), e-CD / DVD (Software’s / Tools / e-Books /  Presentations / Notes etc…)*



    Online Study Material* YES NO
    Study Material Delivery Method* ONLINE By Post / Courier

    Identity Card / Examination Card*

    Applicable to courses having course duration more than 6 months*

    Applicable to courses having course duration more than 6 months

    Online Control Panel Access*



    Online Course Examination* YES YES
    Assignments / Home Work* YES YES
    Examination and Assignment Submission* ONLINE ONLINE
    Partially or Installment Fee Submission* (Extra Charges App.) Applicable to courses having course duration 12 months* Applicable to courses having course duration 12 months*

    Summer Training / Workshop etc*

    Yes, Optional

    Yes, Optional

    Certificate / Completion Letter / Mark Sheet*



    * For more details please refer terms & conditions                 (Indian resident students)

    49. Documents Required: Applicants must also send the following documents with the Application Form by Post (Self Attested Photocopies) OR Scanned Documents by this link- www.ifsedu.in/send : 1) Educational Qualification Certificates (Mark Sheet and Certificate of any Higher Qualification) 2) Additional Qualification Certificates (Optional) 3) Identity Proof / Residence Proof (Any One- PAN Card, Passport, Voter ID Card, University Identity Card, College I-Card, Employee Identity Card etc) 4) Passport Size Color Photograph


ONLINE EXAMINATION SYSTEM: Students will have to appear for an Online Exam for each semester.  Our examination system is secure, virtual and online, that will allow you to appear / attend an online exam from your own home, office or any internet connected PC



Assessment / Exam : 1 Online Exam. of 100 Marks, per sem. For more details and information please visit : www.ifsedu.in/exam-pattern-details/

.Tentative Admission Schedule:


Please visit www.ifsedu.in/rules-terms-and-conditions/ page to refer to the latest information, detailed terms, guidelines and updates.


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