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Student Name Course Short Name / Subject
Bijal Bhupendra Gandhi Forensic Accounting
Kaushik Chakraborty Cell Phone Forensics
Palleti Satya Avinash FSA Fingerprint
Nishant Kumar Forensic Sciences
Dr. Roshan P. Dhonge Forensic Science FO
Ms. Mansi Shah Forensic Psychology
Rajini Tenali FP & Criminal Profiling
Shrikant Shivankar Private Investigator (Detective)
A. Manisha Fingerprint Expert
Ms. Shilpi Singh CYBER
Anand Kiran Burde CYBER
Ms. Neha Raj CYBER
Namrata Jeetendra Shah Forensic Acc.
Ms. Ankita Awasthi CYBER
Dr.Shweta Saini Forensic Science
Capt. Siddique CYBER
Dr.Suraj Agarwal Forensic
Mangal Naskar Forensic Sciences
Abhishek N. Shukla Forensic Science & Criminology
Pankaj Kaushik CYBER
Rajan R. Kotecha Forensic Science & Criminology
Ms. Prasha Tiwari Forensic Psychology
Stavan Girishbhai Mehta Forensic Science & Criminology
Sushant K Mohapatra Forensic Psychology
Dr.Varun Pratap Singh Forensic Odontology
Mr. Bhaskar R. Questioned Document
Prateek Paranjpe Cyber forensics
Mr. D. Prasad Private Investigator (Detective)
Palwankar Pranjali Ramesh Forensic Psychology
Mr. H. Viswanathan CYBER
Shivang Agarwal Forensic Sciences
Pravin Gawande Forensic Sciences
Ms. Surekha Chandankhede Forensic Sciences
Vikas Kumar Singh CYBER
Ms. Pranali Pose Forensic Sciences
Ms. Nisha K. Pillai Forensic Sciences
Alex Nsowah CYBER
Mr. Mu’azu Abdullahi QD & Handwriting
Mr. Mayur Khichade CYBER
Paras Gulabchande Forensic Sciences
Ms. Vidhi Nandini FA & Fraud Examiner
Ms. Esther Maeke Forensic Accounting
Dr. Vishal S. Private Investigator
Sathiyan.P Forensic
Ms. Patel Pratha Pravin DNA Fingerprinting
Ms. Avantika P. Patil Forensic Sciences
Ms. Deeba Saudan Singh Forensic Sciences
Ms. Priyanka Vinay Rao Forensic Sciences
Ms. Shreya Vipul Hariyani Forensic Sciences
Abhishek Kumar Sinha Criminology and Indian Laws
Muazu Abdullahi Questioned Document
Babita Rani Cyber Forensic
Neha Jatin Gadoya Document and Fingerprint
Mohammed Salim Mewati Private Investigator
Shivam Bhargava CYBER
Shubhangi Agarwal Forensic Biotechnology
Ranjeet Chauhan Detective
Meeta Mukesh Forensic Graphology
Ishita Sharma Forensic Psychology
Mukul Srivastava Wildlife Forensic
Neha Sharma Wildlife Forensic
Nabirasool S. Ali Forensic Science
Dr. Manjunath Kadithota Forensic Science FO
Dr. Nangare Shailesh Yadu Forensic Psychology
DR. Gedion H Abebe Forensic Science
Balakumaran K. CYBER
Arivoli N. CYBER
Himanshu Sehgal Forensic
Divyanshu Sehgal Cyber Law
Sushil Kumar Pandey Cyber forensics
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